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Questions about your dispute, fraud alert or consumer disclosure?

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TransUnion Interactive (Credit Monitoring Products)

Trans Union of Canada (Disputes, Fraud Alerts & Consumer Disclosures)

For more information on getting your consumer disclosure, disputing information, or adding a fraud alert to your file, please visit the FAQ at our Online Consumer Solutions site.

Accessibility at TransUnion Interactive (Credit Monitoring Products)

TransUnion Interactive, Inc., its business units and affiliates ("TransUnion") is committed to excellence in serving all customers including individuals with disabilities.

TransUnion welcomes your feedback regarding your accessibility experience. To share your thoughts about Accessibility at TransUnion, please use our Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Feedback Form:

Our feedback form is available to download and print. After completing it, send it by mail to our Customer Relations office (listed below).

Mail to:

TransUnion Interactive
Consumer Relations
Attention: Canadian Site Accessibility Feedback
100 Cross Street, Suite 202
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Email: [email protected]

Call: 855-468-1380

The form allows you to include your contact details if you would like a response to your comments. If this option is selected on the form, TransUnion will use its best efforts to respond within 30 days of receipt.

View our policies regarding Accessibility at TransUnion:

Accessibility at Trans Union of Canada (Disputes, Fraud Alerts & Consumer Disclosures)